• Working Hours: 0900 to 1745 hrs. from Monday to Friday
    (1.00 PM to 1.45 PM Lunch)
  • Consular Service Hours: 1000-1230 hrs.
    (application submission, with appointment only)
    and 1600 – 1645 hrs. (services delivery)
  • Emergency Nos: 0032-476748575, 0032-477 77 29 49

Attestation of Power of Attorney (PoA)/Affidavit/Attestations :-

For execution of the PoA/ Affidavit(s) relating to civil/property/financial matters, applicants/executants are required to visit the Embassy in person and have to sign the PoA/Affidavit(s) before the Consular Officer.

Documents required:

a)         Misc. application form

b)         Applicant’s original Indian passport and a copy of the same.

c)         Original and copy of Resident Permit

d)         Two sets of Power of Attorney/Affidavit

e)         3 Photographs

f)          Proof of residence in Belgium/Luxembourg.

g)         Prescribed Fee

Note:- In the case of PoA needs to be witnessed and signed by two individuals with their names, ID proof clearly mentioning in PoA, the witnesses have to sign before the consular officer and have to produce their original IDs at the time of signing.

Attestation of civil documents:  

True copy attestation of documents like Certificates/Passport/ PAN Card etc.

Life Certificate (For the purpose other than Pension/Pay

a)    Misc application form

b)    Two sets of documents to be attested

c)    Photograph

d)    Original and copy of passport

e)    Original and copy of Resident Permit

Attestation of trade / commercial documents : Including applications for PAN number / DN1 Form to be applied in India by foreign nationals /firms and Power of Attorney (of a commercial nature)] 

a)    Application form

b)    Two sets of trade documents to be attested

The commercial/company documents should be submitted along with the valid original passport plus self-attested copies of the passport pages containing personal particulars(or duly notarized copies of the passport pages containing personal particulars) of one of the Directors of the Company.


c)    A request letter for the service on Company letterhead with the seal of the company stamped on the Company letterhead. The request letter should be duly signed by one of the Directors of the Company and should be accompanied by a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation in respect of the company duly legalized.



Attestation of documents for showing in India:-

Documents emanating from Belgium / Luxembourg (e.g., commercial / trade documents) are required to be legalized (apostilled) first by the Belgian / Luxembourg Foreign Ministries. Address proof etc. of foreign nationals for application of PAN number etc. in India, are also required to be legalized first by the Belgian / Luxembourg Foreign Ministries. Thereafter, the Embassy of India, Brussels would be attesting such documents.

Attestation of documents to be submitted in Belgium / Luxembourg:-

Documents emanating from India for showing to the Belgian / Luxembourghish authorities cannot be directly attested by the Embassy of India, Brussels. These documents need to be attested by the General Administration of the concerned State Government and thereafter legalized (apostilled) by the Attestation Cell of Ministry of External Affairs in Patiala House, New Delhi. Thereafter, these documents may be attested/legalised by the Belgian / Luxembourghish diplomatic/consular officers in India, after which, the documents are treated as valid in Belgium / Luxembourg.


Documents Required:

aa) Application for Miscellaneous service

(Kindly download from Embassy website; application forms)


b)    Sworn Affidavit Form



Originals and photocopies of following documents (Originals to be shown at the counter; photocopies will be retained for record)

a)    Belgian/Luxembourg Passport of Child

b)    Birth Certificate of the Child

c)    Belgian/Luxembourg Identity Card of Child

d)    Passports and Identity Card/Resident Permit of both parents

e)     Prescribed fee

Sworn Affidavit (No Objection Certificate ) to be submitted by a parent for issuing a passport to a minor child residing in India.

Document Required:

a)    Misc Application Form

b)    Parent’s passport Copy and ID copy

c)    Marriage certificate

d)    Copy of Birth Certificate/Passport copy of Child in India



Life Certificate

An individual who needs a life certificate for the purpose of pension in India or to produce before authorities in India for any other purpose may apply for this service. Applicants have to apply in person only.

Documents required:
a) Misc. services application form (to be filled at the Embassy)
b) Copy of passport + Original
c) Copy of resident card
d) Proof of residence
e) Photograph
f) Gratis for Indian Nationals

7. Application for re-issuance of International Driving Permit (IDP)

From 15.02.2021, the service of re-issue of IDP has been included as one of the consular services provided by Indian Mission. IDP helps the Indian Citizen to
drive vehicle, which is allowed to drive as per Indian Driving Licence, in foreign country, which are the signatory of Geneva Convention on Road Traffic 1949, such as France. This convention provides for issue of IDP for one year only and does not have any provision for its renewal.

The process for re-issue of IDP is as under

a) Applicant will visit the Mission and fill the Miscellaneous Consular Service form.

 Prescribed fee will be collected by the Mission towards accepting the application of re-issue of IDP.

c) A receipt will be handed over to the applicant by the Mission in this regard.

d) Applicant will apply for fresh issue of IDP through
www.parivahan.gov.in portal and will upload the documents, including the receipt issued by the Mission.        


Birth Certificate (based on passport/OCI card)

Non Resident Indian (NRI) Certificate

  Documents required :-

a)    Miscellaneous Application Form (Kindly download from Embassy website)

b)    Original India Passport and photocopy of all entry pages.

c)    Original Belgian/Luxembourg Resident Permit and photocopy

d)    Two Passport size photographs

e)    Prescribed Fee




Certificate giving marriage conditions as per Indian law:

a)    Miscellaneous Application Form (Kindly download from Embassy website-application forms)

b)    Original Indian Passport and photocopy of the Indian partner

c)    Original Belgian/Luxembourg Resident Permit and photocopy of the foreign partner.

d)    Bachelorhood Certificate of Indian partner (Apostilled Copy) from India.

e)    Single Status certificate of the Belgian/Luxembourg partner

f)     Joint Affidavit from both partners

g)    Certificate from the Commune (Requirements for marriage)

h)    Three Passport size photographs

i)     Prescribed Fee

            ‘One and Same’ Certificate

a)    Miscellaneous Application Form (Kindly download from Embassy website- application forms)

b)    Original India Passport and photocopy.

c)    Original and photocopy of Indian document (Birth certificate/Marriage Certificate etc.)

d)    Original Belgian/Luxembourg Resident Permit and photocopy.

e)    Two Passport size photographs

f)     Prescribed Fee


Certificate about different naming procedures in India


a)    Miscellaneous Application Form (Kindly download from Embassy

     website- application forms)

b)    Original India Passport and photocopy of both parents.

c)    Original and photocopy of Marriage Certificate

d)    Certificate from Hospital showing birth details of child

e)    Original Belgian/Luxembourg Resident Permit and photocopy.

f)     Self-Affidavit declaring the proposed for the new born child

g)    Two Passport size photographs

h)    Prescribed Fee


Transportation of mortal remains(deceased body) to India

The following documents are necessary for Public Health clearance of Human remains:-
(a) Death Certificate issued by the health department clearly mentioning the cause of death
(b) Death Certificate issued
local authority.

(c) Embalming certificate
(d) Non contagious certificate
/Non epidemic certificate
e) Closing of coffin certificate
f) NOC (to be issued by the Embassy) -(Gratis in the case of Indian Nationals)
(g) Original Indian passport or OCI
h) Request Letter/ Authorisation from the family member.
(i) Death certificate (to be issued by the Embassy for Indian nationals)

j) Prescribed Fee




Transportation of Ashes(mortal remains) to India


(a)  Death Certificate issued by the doctor with cause of death to be mentioned therein.

(b)  Death Certificate issued by the local commune

(c)   Cremation certificate

(d)  Non epidemic certificate

(e)  Request letter/Authorization to transport the ashes to India

(f)    Original Indian passport/OCI of the deceased

(g)  Prescribed Fee(Gratis in the case of Indian Nationals)

Note: Belgian/Luxembourg Documents has to be translated in English by an authorised translator and apostle/legalized before submitting to the Embassy for attestation. 
(ii) Please note that these documents have to be submitted in two sets.



(In addition to the fee as below, an additional fee of Euros 2 per applicant will be levied towards ICWF)



Matter in respect of which a fee is leviable

Fees in Euro

Attestation of documents - civil, trade/commercial and real estate/moveable property

Attestation of affidavits/documents pertaining to sale, purchase, power of attorney, mortgage, transfer, gift, etc. of real estate or moveable properties or issue of a document by a Consular Officer pertaining to such matters.


Attestation of civil documents (affidavits, miscellaneous certificates, sponsorship certificates, marriage certificates etc).          


True copy attestations of civil certificates 

Renewal of International Driving Permit

Attestation of Life Certificate (for purpose other than Pension/Pay).             


Attestation of Trade/Commercial documents or issue of any certificate ‘country of origin etc.’ pertaining to exports from foreign country to India.


Attestation of Trade/Commercial documents or issue of any certificate pertaining to exports from India to a foreign country.


Fees in respect of merchant shipping

 Attestation of documents pertaining to sale, purchase, mortgage, transfer of vessel or transfer of one's interest in merchant vessel.


Attestation of other documents pertaining to ship/vessel for issue of a certificate or verification or acceptance of a document or taking any action as per Chapter IX of the Consular Manual on ‘Merchant Shipping’. The Shipping Company (or Captain of vessel on behalf of Company) being applicant/payee of consular fee.


Attestation of documents of issue of certificates to a sailor as per Chapter IX of the Consular Manual on ‘Merchant Shipping’ (individual sailor being applicant for his individual use).


Fee in respect of other services

Attestation of pension papers, life certificate etc. pertaining to pensioners.


For affixing Consular Officer’s signature and seal, if required, for declarations of pay or pension.


Other miscellaneous attestations, issue of civil certificates, notarial services as per Consular Manual, not falling within any of above categories, registration of birth & a certified copy of the entry.             


Issue of Nationality Certificate

NRI Certificate

One and Same Certificate

Certificate giving Marriage Conditions

Certificate gving naming procedures in India

Other Misc certificates

Birth certicate based on Passport/OCI Card

Birth Registration of a new born baby and certified copy of the entry.

Sworn Affidavit/NOC- For issue of passport to minor child in India, when one of the parents stays abroad.

Sworn Affidavit - Child never possessed an Indian Passport.



Registration of death & a certified copy of the entry with the proviso that HOM/HOP may waive these charges at his discretion.


Cancellation of Indian passport of an Indian national who dies abroad.


Note: The rates are per attestation and the pages on which Mission/Post’s round seal is affixed will not be charged extra.