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Indian Council for Cultural Relations

(Scholarship Division)

Standard Operating Procedures to be followed by ICCR sponsored international students:-


Dear students,         


Congratulations on getting ICCR's scholarship to study in Indian universities. Please follow the following steps for your smooth admission, travel to India and other related formalities to be completed during your stay in India:-


    1. About the admission - Please note that Indian Universities/Educational Institutes are autonomous and independent bodies and have their own eligibility criteria. It is, therefore, for the students to satisfy themselves about the course chosen and the confirmation given by the Universities. Their admission is provisional till the time universities satisfy themselves of the authenticity of requisite documents from the students. If on arrival, it is found that the student does not possess the required original documents on the basis of copies of which the admission has been finalised, the students will themselves be responsible for the consequences, including denial of admission by the Universities and shall be sent back. ICCR will not bear cost on such student's return airfare. The student should bring the following documents:


        (i) Original documents relating to their qualifications for verification by the respective college/University.

        (ii) English Translation of the original documents.

        (iii) Certified     or   notarised   copy   of the  syllabus      of the last qualifying examination.

        (iv) Valid passport with appropriate visa. Student visa for undergraduate/post graduate and research visa for Phd students.

        (v) Award of scholarship letter issued by the concerned Indian Mission.

        (vi) Undertaking from the student that the course and the university as conveyed is acceptable and that he/she will not request for change at the time of admission.


    2. Pre-departure formalities


        (i) Booking of tickets by students:-

            (a) The student should book the ticket upto the airport nearest to the place of university where the admission has been confirmed.  While booking the tickets students must ensure that there is sufficient gap between the timings of the connecting flights (5 to 6 hrs) so that there is enough time to complete the transit formalities particularly in view of the Covid-19 induced restrictions and delays thereof. There have been instances when the students have missed their connecting flights due to insufficient layover.


            (b) The student should check the allowed baggage. There may be difference of baggage allowance in domestic and international flights. Students must carry the baggage equivalent to the limit of the lower category (domestic/international). In any case, ICCR will not pay any additional amount on account of excess baggage other than the domestic airlines baggage allowance.


            (c) Immediately on purchase of ticket the students should upload their travel details on the A2A portal to enable ICCR's Regional Office make necessary arrangement for reception at airport. Flight details should be conveyed at least 7 days prior to the journey. If airport reception is not required, students should specifically mention that they do not require any assistance at the airport on arrival. This will save ICCR's Regional Office to make any arrangements for the students on arrival.


            (d) Students should go through the Covid Protocol/ requirements such as RT-PCR test/ quarantine requirements and follow the same to avoid any complications.


            (e) Students should carry yellow fever vaccination certificate wherever necessary.


        (ii) Students should carry with him/her US$ 700 (at least equivalent to Rs.

50,000/-) to meet immediate expenses.

        (iii) On arrival, students should contact Regional Office, ICCR and registered themselves with Regional Office. Students must get themselves registered with Foreign Regional Registration Office within a period of 14 days.

        (iv) Each of the students has to procure medical insurance policy for a value of Rs. Five lakhs. As per the latest ICCR guidelines, medical insurance is compulsory for the students at their cost. Students may buy medical insurance in their country before departure or on their arrival in India. It is upto the students to choose the insurances package.

        (v) Students should carry with them passport size photographs, joining report form (to be downloaded from A2A portal}.

(vi) After admission, the students are advised to stay in university hostel. However, in case they choose to stay in private accommodation they will have to give an undertaking that they themselves are responsible for their security. If they are staying in university hostel, they have to adhere to hostel policies. Failing to observe hostel rules will lead to disciplinary action by universities.


The students should invariably keep ICCR office informed of their academic performance after every semester/annual exam for continuation of their scholarship.


Subject: Return of ICCR students to India to attend online/offline hybrid classes in India


As part of the measures taken to contain the spread of COVI0..19, ICCR had issued a circular dated April 16, 2020 allowing ICCR sponsored international students to go back to their countries under intimation to the University/Institute of their studies and ICCR. ICCR had also recommended rejoining of students once the situation gets better and the institute concerned has no objection to it.


2                           Students who had gone back to their countries have been continuing their studies in online mode from their countries. Similarly those students who remained in India are also continuing their online classes. However some of the students attending online classes have written to ICCR pointing out difficulties in attending online classes such as expensive and poor internet facilities. They have been requesting ICCR for payment of their stipend while they are in their countries.


2                           Since several institutes / universities have begun offline or hybrid learning and the fact that MHA has lifted restrictions (in October 2020) on arrival of students to India, ICCR students may return to India to join online/offline /hybrid classes depending on the university. On arrival of such students, ICCR shall pay their stipend from the date of arrival. The stipend of students who do not return to India will remain suspended till such time they continue to remain in their countries. Region Offices of ICCR shall facilitate private accommodation in case hostels are not available to students. Admissible HRA shall be paid to students.


3                           This issues with the approval of competent authorities.