• Working Hours: 0900 to 1745 hrs. from Monday to Friday
    (1.00 PM to 1.45 PM Lunch)
  • Consular Service Hours: 1000-1230 hrs.
    (application submission, with appointment only)
    and 1600 – 1645 hrs. (services delivery)
  • Emergency Nos: 0032-476748575, 0032-477 77 29 49


Journalist visas are given to professional journalists and photographers for up to three months' single entry. Journalists, Editors/Writers of Television networks and Radio Stations travelling to India on work or vacation are required to apply for visas along with a copy of their Media Accreditation Card and/or a document from their organisation describing clearly the nature of their work and whether they are travelling on work.


Please note that Journalists travelling to India as tourists will also be given a Journalist visa. In case journalists and/or media persons intending to visit India for tourism conceal the fact of their being journalists, visa can be disallowed.


Note: Journalists / Photographers called for an interview may please present themselves at the Embassy of India in Belgium on the appointed date and time as conveyed by VFS. In certain instances, telephonic interview could be taken by a Consular Officer of the Embassy of India. Visa applications for Still Photographers / Radio Journalists may require prior approval of Government of India.


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